Nurse Practitioner Kate Zietlow, MSN, PMHNP

Kate Zietlow, MSN, PMHNP, is a Registered Nurse and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. At CPE Clinic, she works with adults and adolescents, helping patients address their mental health concerns through medication management. Ms. Zietlow has received over 200 patient hours of training directly from Dr. Labellarte and nearly 600 total patient hours throughout her graduate nursing program.

Ms. Zietlow will combine her interest in psychiatry and psychopharmacology with experience developing therapeutic relationships with clients to guide patients toward achieving optimal mental health and personal success.

Ms. Zietlow earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Salisbury University and Professional Massage Certificate from Baltimore School of Massage. While in nursing school, she realized her interest in psychiatry and mental health. Ms. Zietlow’s work experience includes inpatient practice at Springfield State Hospital caring for patients with severe chronic mental illness and the Co-Occurring Unit at Sheppard Pratt of Ellicott City for patients with mental illness and substance abuse disorders. She also worked at the Adult Day Hospital at Sheppard Pratt in Towson. While working as a registered nurse, she completed her RN to Bachelors of Science in Nursing through Southern New Hampshire University. To make a positive impact on individuals and serve patients in a manner suited to her personality, she was motivated her to pursue a Master of Science in Nursing to become a Nurse Practitioner. While in graduate school through the University of South Alabama, she has had the opportunity to provide clinical instruction for students at three local nursing schools.

Ms. Zietlow’s clinical rotations for the Nurse Practitioner role have been conducted at outpatient practices, in and out of network, serving all ages and types of psychiatric disorders, as well as an inpatient rotation at the Baltimore VA Medical Center.

Ms. Zietlow is also a Licensed Massage Therapist in Ellicott City. She has a deep appreciation for a total body approach to addressing mental health issues.

Professional memberships include American Nurses Association, American Psychiatric Nurses Association, and American Massage Therapy Association.